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Dual 10 Inch SEALED Subwoofer Box Design

Meso 6.5

I just got 1 and built a 4th order for it. Truly impressive for the size. And all I can think is, if this is the little sub, what does the big one do!?!? In fact I had a preloaded dual mini mojo setup rated at 1400 rms watts and this 1 meso 6.5 sounds better. That mojo setup was $500 and this lil guy was around $100. Also while we're comparing brands and speakers I had a kicker 6.75 subwoofer and for the same price as this meso 6.5 and it's a night and day difference. That kicker is a door stop now.

Insane power for the price.

I love this amp, but definetly recommend the bass knob with the volt meter.

the best equalizer and quality

That’s really good 😁😁😁

Excellent sound Quality

The subs are awesome!!
Great sound quality , looks, and low frequency response. I’m going to buy another pair!

10 inch ported box design

This box design was very easy to build the directions were easy to read and understand 10 out of 10

Clean Amp

I don’t have much room to Mount amps in my truck but this one fits in the back perfectly . Sounds amazing

Clarify unit

I went from using the audiocontrol 3.2 to swapping it for CT EQ7. The difference was phenomenal!!! After listening to the ct eq7 I went on my phone to order another one. What an awesome device at a super affordable price! Thanks CT sounds.

Excellent value

Originally bought for 2 Strato 8 d4s but actually put it on a single Tropo 18 d4 in a sealed box. Upgraded from a cheap Blaupunkt amp and couldn’t ask for better results. The sub sounds great. It’s crisp, clean and punchy on this amp. I feel like it is now playing at its full potential. Would definitely recommend and I’m a CT customer for life!

Strato 12

Great build material and awesome sound quality. Well worth the money.

Strato components

Best bang for your buck super loud and crisp and just want more and more power. Build quality it great! The magnet is big on the 6.5 so take that into consideration as far as mounting depth if you are puting then in doors. Wish they would stay on stock so I can buy another set!


4 Meso 15's on 2 CAB 45'S
Shuuuuuiid.. Wooooo weeee
We just broke them in.... Wired to 2ohms.. Bout to drop them to .5ohms the amps that is..
Father above help us 😂
These are the best subs, and literally the best bang for your buck... Pun intended!
Thanks CT

MESO-6-5-COX // 150 Watts RMS 6.5 Inch Car Coaxial Speakers, Pair

Great amp great price great sound all around a perfect amp for small setup

My CT Sounds speakers

My speakers sound AWESOME and the build quality is 2nd to none!!! I would DEFINITELY recommend them to everyone!!! You won't be disappointed!!! Thank you CT Sounds FOR YOUR AMAZING CAR AUDIO EQUIPMENT!!!

Way more than expected duel bio 10s

Let me Start by saying I have used the same amp since high school to power 12s and 15s which these where replacing 12s, these little 10s pounds as hard as my 2 12s possibly even harder. Also for the first time I have to go bigger on the amp Im sold on CT Sound.

Really crisp clear midst and highs


Good Quality

Ct sounds

Have 2 of the 1500.1 strapped to 2 10” stratos dual 2ohm and they absolutely perform awesome amps subs everything without any issues

I still haven’t received my order

Ozone 12" Subs

I replaced a pair of Skar SVR 12s with CT Ozone 12" subs. "WoW" these bad boys made the skars sound a bit on the cheap side. The skars we're ok,but the CT Ozone 12s pounded louder and clean!! That rich deep bass we all strive for.They are ran by a 1500watt Sundown mono amp. These will only if ever be replaced by more or other CT subs in the future. Another satisfied CT customer!!!! Thanks CT.

Love it

This is my 2nd ct amp and I couldn’t be happier. This thing is a beast powering my 2 18s. It is very efficient I’m only seeing a small drop it volts all the up at idle (big 3 and 2 batteries on stock alt) I will be getting a 2nd one and a 4ch to match

10" Ozone Sub woofer

AMAZING! I built box for ported application tuned to 32 Hz. Paired with CT 1000.1 amp wired both subs to 1 ohm load. Love how hard it hits

Best 2000 watt Rms Banger Amp!

Hands down for the price this amp is no chump on power and filtering performance on SQL and Spl. For 240$ this amp is on par with expensive mono block amps that don’t even have a Subsonic filter. The power is there and you won’t be let down. Also this is my first Ct Sounds purchase and looking more into these products.

CT-2000.1D // 2000 Watts RMS Monoblock Car Audio Amplifier